Monday, December 03, 2007

Frankie Called

Diane (agency worker) feels confident that Frankie understands that he cannot live here again an that visiting him will not confuse him.

Brian looked like he was going to have an anxiety attack when I told him that Frankie wanted to visit. When I told him that we are talking about me visiting Frankie he calmed down. He cannot tell me exactly why he finds the idea that Frankie would visit here so anxiety producing, but well, there it is. At this point if we decide to bring Frankie to the house he wants to be forewarned so that he can make plans to be somewhere else.

Frankie called here tonight. He wanted me to get the phone numbers for his aunts out of his cell phone for him. He wanted to know what we were doing, how we were, and what I had had to eat today.

He said he wanted to come visit me and I told him that I would probably go visit him. He spoke to Roland (Hubby) and told him that he wanted to visit us. Roland also told him that I would go to see him. Frankie explained that if he works hard he can earn a 6 hour pass and later he can earn a 12 hour pass.

I think that at least part of the issue is that when he gets the 6 hour pass he wants to use the whole thing. He doesn't want for me to just go up there and take him out to lunch. We really couldn't spend a whole 6 hours up there. I'll have to plan a fun day in The City for us. We can go to his favorite place to eat and to the science museum or something.

After talking to him I don't think he is trying to work his way back into living here, I think he just wants to make sure that he has somewhere to go when he has passes.

I think.

He was quite engaging on the phone.

He told Roland that he was so far behind in school that he was never going to get caught up anyway, so he was going to drop out when he turned 16.

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