Friday, December 21, 2007

Home for the Holidays

Evan is back! He got in last night. He and Andrew played guitar hero for a while and then went to bed.

This morning I got up and finished working on Roland's birthday present. Yes, I said birthday. It is on the 30th, but Olivia is coming over on the 28th, I believe, so we will celebrate on the 27th. His main present from me is costing no money, but did take about 10 hours of my time. I think he will appreciate it. I will tell you about after I give it to him.

Anyway, I went, and FINISHED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. Well, almost. There is one book that I want to give Roland, but Evan is shopping tomorrow and he will pick it up for me, so I am done with the actually going out in the world part. Andrew and Brian are out shopping -- just the two of them. It's pretty cool. They both need to shop and so I just gave Andrew the keys, and off they went. They called and asked if I would reimburse them for a meal. I said yes.

Evan and I had a little bit of time to chat before he went off to work. He asked about staying here this summer and I said of course. He said, "Yeah, I don't see you getting a new kid any time soon. I mean, they probably won't call for a while."


I told him about the call yesterday and that I had said no. He agreed and said, "It would be weird having siblings, wouldn't it?"

I explained that it wasn't because they were siblings, but because of the particular relationship David had with his brother. I told him that if his sisters were to come into care I would take them. "You would?"

"Well, yeah. You would want me to, wouldn't you?"

He pondered that, clearly trying to think about what it would be like for his sisters to be in this house. I said, "Wouldn't you feel safer having them here instead of a foster home where you didn't know the family?" Then he got it and said "Yes!" It fell into place for him. He is very protective of his sisters. If they were here he would know they would be safe and he could keep an eye on them. Of course he then had to tease me about how hard it would be for me to have a girl. I agreed, of course.

I told him about my ideas for turning Andrew's room into a room for two kids so that it would be there for both of them to share summers and holidays while they were in college. Of course, if the currently empty bedroom was empty, one of them could have it. He was okay with that. Andrew is too. I'm glad. Neither of them has had to share a room for years. Neither would normally want to share a room. On the other hand if they are living here for less than half the year, it makes sense to them to share one room.

I will have to start saving up for those captains beds -- or maybe those loft beds with desks under them.

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  1. It is such a wonderful feeling to have your little chicks gathered about you. I feel all clucky and mothery when that happens.


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