Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best Present Ever (update)

Roland really loves the iPod I gave him for his birthday. Since I put every single comedy album he owns it is so easy! He doesn't have to go searching through his CD's to find one. He just takes the iPod over the the stereo, speakers to which he has placed all over the house, and plugs it in! Whoo Hoo! Stand up comedy anytime, anywhere! It's so cool.

We now have a non-stop soundtrack of Allen Sherman, Bill Cosby, Dave Attell, David Sedaris (2 audiobooks), Ellen Degeneres, Geroge Carlin, Jim Gaffigan, Lewis Black (2 albums), Mike Birbiglia (2 albums), Mike Nichols & Elaine May, Monty Python (3 albums), Robin Williams (3 albums), Stephen Lynch (2 albums), Weird Al Yandovik, and we mustn't forget the compliation of the best from the Dr. Demento Show.

Best birthday present ever.

Just shoot me now.

I wonder if it would help if I have him a really good pair of lightweight headphones? The pair he has to use at the computer are large, over-the-year, noise reducing things.

12/29/07 -- update

Roland plugs iPod into stereo so he can listen in kitchen.

Me: "What sort of portable earphones would you like?"

Roland: "Oh, I don't need any. I have the big ones to block out noise when I'm working on the computer, but otherwise I have places all over the house where I can plug this in."

Sigh. I know.


  1. Is this the kind of thing that will ease as the novelty wears off? I do hope so, for your sake. Headphones might not be a bad call either!

  2. Any guy who likes Ellen is a good one! :-)
    Does he listen to comedy all the time? If so, you might want to compromise on something, in the interest of his ears.

  3. I love Lewis Black! Even though you're getting tired of the same folks, at least Roland's got excellent taste -- after all, he married you! ;-)

    (Yeah, I am a suck up today.)

  4. Bill Cosby and Stephen Lynch!!! I'm in love. LOL I love the Superhero and Gay songs.

    Good taste, all he is missing is Judy Tenuta.

  5. Lots of good clearance sales right now! I picked up a pair of 70$ headphones for less than 25$. Get thee to a store Yondalla!

  6. Parodie: No, no it will not. XD I got my iPod almost a year ago, and pretty commonly plug it into a stereo to not strain the battery.

    Yondalla: I'm sure Roland will accept a "Honey, I love you, but your iPod is going to accidentally find a way under my car's wheels if you don't start using headphones with it more often" if he knows what's good for his things and your sanity!


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