Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whatcha Complaining About Woman?

Somehow I feel I deserved (or needed?) this. Warning: Those with a low appreciation of irony might want to skip this one.

Report: NationĂ¢��s Wealthy Cruelly Deprived Of True Meaning Of Christmas


  1. could I have access to your private blog as well?

    what about me?

    I think somehow I hooked up with your blog a couple of years ago. My dh's brother was gay. He died in 1994 and I miss him daily.

    I'm random and eccentric....

    I admire what you do.

    ostindie at yahoo dot com

  2. I'm laughing my ass off over here. I love the Onion!

  3. I am so willing to share my poverty with the rich, send them right on over!


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