Monday, December 03, 2007

Lionmom of "0 to 5"

Once again I am pleased to serve as the bulletin board for various blogs.

If you have been to "From 0 to 5" recently you will have noticed that it too has gone private. Don't worry. Nothing terrible has happened -- well nothing worse than irritable teenage girls who have made a fuss. Lionmom hasn't decided whether she is going to keep the blog private or just lay low for a while. I told her she is welcome to guest post here if she likes. I'll keep this post on the top. Feel free to leave her a message as a comment to this post.


  1. You know, I almost e-mailed you to ask if you had an update on Lionmom. And then I felt a little silly for assuming that you knew the whereabouts of all the foster bloggers, but apparently I shouldn't have ;) I was a little concerned because of her recent post in which she was worried about S. I'm glad to hear things are mostly ok.

    Lionmom, I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

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  3. Sending good thoughts to Lionmom. I admire people who can foster teens...I've got my hands full with early elementary age.

  4. I did email you as you know. I've come to consider you the clearing house for missing bloggers.

    My best to Lion Mom and family. I have some idea of what she's experiencing.

  5. Shoot and I just bothered her with an email. Thanks for letting us know! I guess I should just make sure to come to your blog first, Yondalla, that way I'll know the happenings! Thanks for being that bulletin board. And good luck with crunch time at school I absolutely feel your pain. Our finals start on the 10th.

  6. alas, i'm glad you posted! i'd gone to the blog and saw it was invite only and wondered what was up! here's hoping all is well (or is quickly resolved)


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