Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Extra Bedroom is a Good Thing

Evan called yesterday. It was one of those "what if" conversations. He is switching from the computer tech program to a program to be a social worker and there are conflicting rules. He's done everything that they told him to do, but well...sometimes institutions of all kinds set up rules that are contrary to other rules and people get caught in the middle.

The bottom line is that almost certainly nothing will happen, but it is possible that they will make him change his schedule. And if they make him change his schedule he might not be part time. And if he is part time his financial aide package will be in trouble, and he might not live in the dorms.

We had a nice chat. I first reassured him. I don't think anyone is going to make him change his registration. It is just too much trouble, you know? What's done is done.

But I was also very glad to be in the position of reminding him that we do still have an empty bedroom. The worst case scenario is that he moves in with us next semester. It wouldn't be ideal, but he could do it. It made me glad to be in this position.

Andrew is willing to share his bedroom, especially during the college years. I keep imagining ways to use the space more efficiently for two. I would love to get a couple of captain's beds, for instance.

No hurry, I guess. Right now we just have the extra bedroom.

And I like that.


  1. That bedroom would be my sewing/craft room quicker than you could snap your fingers.
    It is nice to be the soft place for the kids to fall when they need you.

  2. We almost bought a 5 bedroom house 18 months ago. It made absolutely no financial sense and would have been a money pit so we backed out, which we are thankful for all the time.

    But I get wistful quite often, especially whenever I think about the foster care we hope to do in the future. We have only 3 bedrooms, and one daughter. (And expect to have another some day when SIL moves in. And maybe we'll have another kid, too.) Makes it hard to do foster care.

    I dream of expanding the house some day....


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