Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today two things are scheduled.

First, I am taking Andrew to have his driving test. It has been almost six months since he got his permit. The permit expires on Wednesday, I believe, so he finally scheduled the test. I think he is ready. He could pass today.

If he does, then I have another licensed driver in the house. I'm excited for him. It is a beginning, a sort of right of passage into adulthood.

Second, tonight the officers of the local PFLAG chapter are going out to dinner with our spouses. As of today we were all supposed to have completed our jobs in shutting down the chapter. We haven't all. I still have to transport our library to the community center. I haven't received a copy of the letter someone else is sending out to all the members telling them that they are still members of PFLAG national. The treasurer may or may not have closed the bank account and sent the check to the youth group. There are a few other jobs, but they are all individual chores. We have no more need of meetings to assign jobs and report on the completion of those jobs.

Tonight will be the last time we meet as officers; or perhaps it is the first time we meet no longer being officers.

It is an ending. An organization that has existed, been a part of this community for 20 years is being put to rest.


  1. Is it good news or bad news that the local PFLAG chapter is shutting down? I hope it is because there is no longer as much of a need in your community.

    Congratulations to Andrew-- even going to take the test is a big milestone.

  2. The need for PFLAG has lessened, but I think it is more that it has changed. We used to get parents who came to meeting for a few months. They were closeted and devastated. In the past couple of years we have received emails and phone calls from people who just want to talk once and generally would like recommendations for something to read.

    We have wanted to believe it is good news and that we are no longer needed. I hope it is.

  3. That's incredibly sad. I feel as though I should call the florist and order a funeral wreath.

    But on the bright side, perhaps people are getting the support they need now from other sources, or that people are just overall more laidback about it.

    Either way, isn't it kinda nice to know there's one less commitment swallowing your time right now?

    Makes you wonder if God's clearing your plate for a new arrival.....hmmmm.

  4. 20 years? That's a long time.

    I see you have a note under leave your comment. I just recently discovered the "email comments" feature and I've been doing it. I forget to check back on blogs once I've read them.

  5. I sure hope it is true that Pflag is just less needed. In my own little world, it does seem as though our world in general is more supportive.


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