Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yearly Respite

I have been doing respite for Mandy (Ann's long-term foster mom) over New Year's Eve every year since I started this gig. When Frankie moved in we told her we would be too full. We knew from the beginning that Frankie was going to be more demanding than other kids and Evan is coming home for a month over the holidays. After Frankie left I decided not to call her back. Too tired and all.

Mandy just called me though and asked if I would take one, just one, this year. I hemmed and hawed and she said it would just be Olivia. I said, "Oh! Olivia. Well, let me ask the boys; I'll call you back."

Brian had overheard part of the conversation and looked at me and said, "Do you accept or deny?" There was a look in his eye warning me that I had better give him the right answer. I said, "I told her I had to ask you and Andrew."
"It's Olivia."
"Oh! Olivia is nice! She can come."

So now I have to ask Andrew and if he says yes, I will have to get his fingerprinting done...

Brian didn't think we needed to ask Andrew, "He never comes out of his room anyway."

We said, "Well, he might notice that you were IN his room though."

"Oh, yeah."

So we will ask him. You know, as soon as I see him.

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