Monday, December 24, 2007

Evan's Family

Evan's mother and sisters dropped by. Evan had told me they were coming, but I forgot. They had brought his presents, and insisted that he open them all while they watched. Baby sister, who may be about 6 now was especially insistent.

She doesn't get to see Evan very often, but she has no shyness with him. She wouldn't take a cookie from me, even after her mother and sister did -- and even after her mother encouraged her to -- but she also wouldn't let Evan get more than two feet away from her. When he was done with the present she planted herself firmly on his lap.

Evan gave his mother and 16-year-old sister manicures for Christmas. They got them today and show off their nails while they were here. He got his baby sister a gift certificate to that store where you assemble and dress your own stuffed bear. He was very thoughtful about his gifts. He wanted to give his sister gifts that would allow his mother and sisters to do things together that they don't normally get to do.
I am so impressed with him. He is a thoughtful, kind guy.

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