Friday, February 02, 2007

More blogs to read

Jo from Tangled Me tagged me a while ago.* I think I'm supposed to write about my five favorite blogs. I'm not going to do that. I have about 50 blogs on my blog reader and there are about half a dozen that I MUST read when they show up. There are others that I really enjoy and can put off reading until lunch time. There are a few that I haven't quite connected with. They pop up and I wonder, now...which blog was that? What age children do they have?

But I hate hurting anyone's feelings, and so I am not going to tell you who my absolute fav's are.

Instead I am going to tell you about the blogs that I have recently found which I have decided to add to the blog roll. It's more than five.

Oh...and I am not going to tell you a thing about them. I'd rather send you to 'em all. Let's make those traffic counters roll! Everyone of them is fostering or trying to adopt from foster care.

New(ish) to the blogosphere:
My Life in a Foster Care Space Warp
Celebrating All Families
Two Moms Adopting
Adoption Blog

I should have found them months ago:
You Could Always Adopt
Thoughts Preserved
A Foster Mom's Journey
Adopting through Foster Care
Maybe I'm Psychic

Now Jo tells me that I have to leave comments on all these blogs telling them they're tagged. I'm not going to do that. I'm too lazy. It was tough enough putting them here and now I have to go add them all to the blog roll which means that I have to go back and figure out whether they have little kids or big kids or no kids (yet), or change the way I organize my blog roll.

Sigh...don't you just feel so sorry for me?

Also...I'm kinda interested in whether any of them read here. Of course some of you leave comments (thank you). The rest of you though...please let me know if you read this.

AND...please let me know about any more foster or adopting from foster care blog that I don't have on the blogroll.


  1. But everyone wants to know who made your A-list and who didn't!


  2. If I ever have time, I'll check some of them out.

  3. thanks for linking to me!

  4. Thanks for the prop - very kind of you. We have an 11 year old, lots of baggage, lots of homes, soon to be ours forever.

  5. That's from 2 moms adopting - oops, forgot that part :)


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