Sunday, February 18, 2007

Miss E settles

I reported before the Miss E's attitude improved. I am pleased to say say that it has continued to be better. She continues to complain of course, but she has stopped complaining about Annabelle and the other girl.

I'm beginning to hope.

Of course the last time I spoke to Annabelle she had basically given up, but I know that Annabelle would be willing to offer yet another chance.

I think it was good that I communicated to her that she could not move in here. I think she was holding onto a fantasy in which she moved out of Annabelle’s and into my house. She would have the cool bedroom, go to the same school, and keep her job. Of course I know that for all sorts of reasons she would not be any happier here than she has anywhere else. I doubt that she realized that.

But now I have taken that fantasy from her. So maybe she now believes her social worker that there is no where for her to go except to an extremely tiny town 45 minutes from anywhere.

Of course there is more than a little chance that the story is more complicated, and that my conversation had only a small roll to play. That doesn't matter to me. I just hope that what I am seeing is real.

I hope.

I hope she stays.

Cool As a Cucumber

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