Monday, February 19, 2007

He's Coming Home (update)

He has confirmed flights as far as the east coast and he will call on Wednesday to let me know when he will be in town.

He has been trying to get in touch with his grandmother and expects to stay with her. She is not answering her phone though and I said I would keep trying to call for him.

I told him that I would pick him up from the airport if he needed and he could sleep here if he wants.

When I told Brian that Evan was coming back he said, "I'm surprisingly happy to hear that. I guess I missed him."

This trip is not going to be easy for a young man with mono. He has to take a train Tuesday evening, then a short flight to Manchester, then an over-nighter to Pittisburg. He has to do all this while dealing with the exhaustion of Mono.

At least he will be able to sleep on the planes.

I am very pleased that he has the relationship he does with his grandmother. I think though I will ask her if I can pick him up in any case. I would like to see him.

I guess I've missed him too.


  1. Glad to hear Brian's response, but it's a shame Evan has to come back... however, given the mono, I guess your "welcomeness" (not a word but couldn't find a better alternative) and his trip insurance will make the best of a crappy situation.

  2. That sucks that he has mono, and it sucks even more that he has to end his adventure early. I'm glad to know he's got several options on where to stay when he gets back.


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