Thursday, February 15, 2007


Months ago I complained about the not knowing when the agency would call. I was fine with having a break, but would like to know how long that break would be.

I said in fact that I would like it if someone could call and say, "We will be calling you on February 15 about a new kid."

I actually said February 15, which as you know is today.

So I have this childish, superstitious feeling about today. Wouldn't it be weird if they called today?

I also went back and looked to see how long I typically have between the end of a placement and the first phone call for another. The answer is 10 weeks; which it will be this weekend.

I'm restless. I feel left out. I feel like I should be getting back to work.

Then I think it is probably good that we still have time off. We haven't really settled into Brian's new routine yet. Though it appears to be working well, he recently developed a might case of bronchitis and is missing school again.

The puppy is beginning to look like he might actually get housetrained. He has made it through a couple of days with no accidents at all, and has actually started indicating to people that he would like to go out. Of course he has also started getting into the litter box and figuring out how to keep a 10 pound Shih Tzu puppy out of a litter box while allow an 18 pound matronly, fussy cat and a 6 pound disabled kitten in, is no easy task.

And Evan is ill and may have Mono. If he does he will probably need to come home for a one or two months.

So it is probably a good thing they haven't called yet.

But then I think, "It is weeks between the call and the placement. First I have to read the file and talk to Hubby about it. Then we start the series of visits. Next week is a break week for me. That would be a very good time to go read the file. They should call now."

This whole thing where I don't have total control over my life is annoying.

And then I feel guilty about wishing they would call. If they call, that means something bad has happened, and wouldn't it be better if they didn't need us at all?

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