Friday, February 23, 2007

Suspicious Mind

It doesn't matter. It really doesn't. It is not really any of my business.


It makes no difference to my life whatsoever.

Still...I have such a suspicious mind. Bad, Yondall, bad!

Evan just came by to pick up his tax stuff. He says he is tired, but okay. He looked quite alert.

He's going to go get his hair cut, and then his going to pick up his sister. Tomorrow he is going to help his aunt clean out his cousin's bedroom which he will move into. He says everyone tells him he should sleep, but he gets so bored just lying in bed.

Huh...that's not how I remembered mono. When I had mono I could barely drag myself up to eat.

I know he has a history of only surviving about two months at a job, but mononucleosis would be an awful elaborate cover, don't you think? I mean, especially since it was a whole week of first telling me that he was sick, and then waiting for the test, and then saying he was going to try to talk his boss into letting recuperate there... No. It doesn't track as a lie. Too complex...too much set up...

Still he really doesn't seem nearly as sick as he claimed...

And he does have that history...

And it really is none of my d*mn business.


On a much more somber note, I wonder if Evan appreciates how difficult cleaning out his cousin's room for him maybe for his aunt. It is barely more than a year since his cousin died. Perhaps it will be healing for his aunt to have someone living there. Perhaps it will be good for her to have him there as she packs up all of her daughter's belongings. Evan survived that week by taking care of her.

Well...that and the codeine.


  1. No idea about Evan, lies, and the mono, but for what it is worth:
    When I was in the 7th grade, I had a relatively mild case of mono. I was out of school for a week or two, but then I was back in school. The deal was that I fell asleep every afternoon during French class, but the school agreed that it was better for me to sleep through one class than to miss all my classes. I was bored too. Of course, my French is still terrible...
    (PS - this is "dcohler" - google made me chose a nickname, so "Deb" it is from here on out.)

  2. Yeah...and Andrew reminded me that Evan is the sort that would leap out of bed at a moment if he was feeling better.

  3. Well I wonder about Evan, too. Was he able to get the trip insurance to pay for his return ticket? That might tell you more than anything else.

    But it doesn't surprise me that he didn't stay. Not at all...

  4. Isn't Evan more of the blame-the-job-loss-on-the-idiot-boss type?

  5. How long has it been since Evan first started feeling ill? I have two friends with mono right now, and while they were totally miserable for a week or two, after that they were more or less able to return to their lives as long as they got extra sleep at night. It could be that the 'miserable, can hardly drag myself out of bed' stage passed in Scotland while he was waiting for tests/arrangements, and now he is starting to feel better.

    Not that I think you're wrong to wonder, but that could be one explanation.


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