Sunday, February 04, 2007

Call re: Miss E

On Thursday (or was it Wednesday?) I decided I would tell Miss E that she was welcome to spend weekends with us. I told her that I was not certain that she would like living with the puppy, but that I would be happy to have her for weekends.

I did not add, "but I can't take you as a permanent placement." I was hoping for more conversation, but she was feeling sick and did not want to talk about anything.

On Friday Miss E was so much better with me. She was her old self again. She laughed while she told me that her boss was looking for someone who could be tough and everyone pointed at her. Somehow that moved us into a story about someone how she had to stop someone at work from doing something stupid. I told her that if she wanted to spend the weekend sometime she should give me some advance warning because I would have to get Brian's old room ready as he had moved to Evan's old room.

Miss E expressed her preference for Evan's old room, which I agreed was nicer.

I wrote to the social worker to tell her that Miss E was more cheerful than she had been in a while.

Tonight I got a call from Annabelle. She spoke with the other girl in the house and has told her not to wake up Miss E or even knock on her door to tell her that I am there. If she doesn't come out I can call her on her cell phone. If she doesn't answer I may knock on the door and talk to her myself, but the other girl is not to interact with her.

I'm not so certain about the whole getting out of the car and going into talk to her. I'm more inclined to just wait a certain amount of time and drive away. I mean I don't want to fight with her either.

Though Friday I was more hopeful that Miss E's attitude was improving, I am feeling more discouraged after listening to Annabelle.

She's wore out. She is tired of Miss E's constant verbal abuse or her and the other girl. She is tired of Miss E's princess attitude, her refusal to contribute to the household, her insistence that everyone else is stupid, lazy, and inconsiderate while she has not faults whatsoever.

Annabelle is just waiting for the social worker to find Miss E a new home.

It is so sad.

There is a theoretical possibility that Miss E will be convinced that her only options are to move to the middle of nowhere or start getting along with the people she lives with, and then will choose the second option.

But what are the chances? I mean really.

And there is nothing that I can do except try to be sympathetic with Miss E and watch it happen.

Miss E plans to move

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