Friday, February 16, 2007

Positive for Glandular Fever

Evan got his test back. Definitely positive for what we here in the states call Infectious Mononucleosis. The doctor says his white blood cell count indicates that he has a bad case, that he must rest or he will get sicker and take longer to get better, and that he may not work with children.

I told him that he could recuperate here if he wanted to.

He does not like that idea because it means leaving Scotland and he does not want to leave Scotland. He says that he thinks the trip insurance he bought only covered him for the first 10 days, which, if true, is stupid. The point of buying it was so that he could come home anytime during the 7 months if he needed to -- you know, like if he got Glandular Fever.

He says he appreciates our offer to let him stay here, but that he does not think he will come because we have already done so much for him, it is not like he doesn't have anywhere to go, and he is trying to be an adult.

Of course I do not accept any of those as reasons for him not coming -- especially the last one. Not only do adults sometimes need help, a 19-year-old is far from too old to go home because he is sick. My college students at 20 and 22 go home to mommy and daddy when they are sick. They have no sense that they are somehow too old to for that.

Of course if his plan is that he will stay with his aunt or grandmother should he actually have to come back, that is a different story.

But he's a tough guy. He will work out what he needs. Maybe he will even be able to just stay in the staff quarters and sleep there. I know he doesn't want to leave.


  1. Dang, I'm frustrated for him. He actually manages to put together this deal, seems committed to seeing it through, and then he gets sick. I hope he manages to get the rest he needs and gets over it fast.

  2. Well, I was really hoping it was not mono. I'm glad that you're around in case he finds out he can't do so well on his own. I am impressed by your ability to give him the space to let him work out what he needs. I have a hard time letting things be :-)

  3. Darn. It seemed like he was settling in and now this.

  4. What a DRAG! I'm frustrated for you guys.


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