Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Unexpected advantages to PFLAG status

So imagine that you have been married for a long time (21 years) to a man whom you completely and totally trust. Imagine though that he is mentoring a new colleague who seems really needy. She calls him at home to ask questions about the paper work almost every day. They have long conversations. Knowing how secure and trusting you are, he has no qualms about telling you all about her: how good she is at what she does; how funny she is.

And you are not jealous or worried because you are not that kind of person. Of course the idea that someone else would worry does occur to you. And then your husband decides to tell her about his and your involvement in PFLAG, and then she decides he is safe and introduces the two of you to her girlfriend.

Now aren't you glad you were the sort of person she felt safe coming out to in this conservative town?

Not that you were ever worried, of course.


  1. Nice! See, I'm the jealous type and would have to revise my opinion based on the coming out. J/K

  2. It's sad that she isn't sure who she can trust. Maybe someday?

  3. A wonderful lesson in truly learning about situations before making judgments.

    However, I still think I'd get jealous first. That's just too instinctive sometimes!


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