Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everyone's bad

It is amazing how little we need to know about some people in order to know that they suck.

If you tour around on the blogosphere for a while you will probably learn that:

1. Foster parents are motivated by money and likely to abuse children.

2. Adoptive parents are at best deluded people who are in fact participating in the destruction of a soul.

3. Parents who place their children for adoption are at best deluded but more likely coerced.

4. Parents whose children are in foster care SUCK.

5. Social workers are unqualified, irresponsible, and lazy.

I'm tired. I am so bloody tired of it.

Life is so much easier when we can believe in good guys and bad guys, especially if we get to be the good guys.

But what if the truth were a million times more complicated than that? And what if we all refrained from judging until we understood? What if we tried to live someone's life before we condemned them?

And as long as I am imagining a better world...what if we as a society actually cared about children?


  1. i'm a little lost too. i think these are all generalizations out there, but i hope no event triggered this.

  2. Can I cry with you?

    Was it a specific event or just the feeling of being nibbled to death by ducks?

    Glad Evan made it back safely. I'm catching up on everything (almost) at once.


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