Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Talked to his grandmother

I just got a call back from Evan's grandmother. I told her that I wanted to get him from the airport so that I would get to see him at least a little. I also told her that if she wanted or needed I could keep him a day or two.

She said that whatever he wanted was fine with her. He could come right over or he could stay with me. It was fine with her.

We're both so nice.

And in fact we are. She loves Evan very much. She met him when he was three, when her son married Evan's mother. She accepted that little boy into her family and there he stayed, even after the divorce. Shortly after Evan moved in here she dropped by to say hello and check us out. I believe I mentioned at some time in the past that Evan might have been placed with her, except that, not being a legal relative, the social worker did not know to ask, and Evan asked to be with us.

He knew of us because he knew David from the youth group. He did not know much about us, just that we were supportive of gay kids and were available. Oh...and we lived a few blocks away from his boyfriend. That was a plus too. The relationship didn't last, but by then Evan was firmly embedded in our family. He may also have had anxiety about living and going to high school in the extremely small town in which his grandmother, aunt, sister and ex-step father live.

So I have mixed feelings about him going out there. I am very happy that he has this extended family who loves him. I am both relieved and disappointed that he will not be here. I am pleased that he is determined to move forward on his life. I'm interested to know how well he will survive in a home with no Internet connection.

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