Monday, February 19, 2007

Waiting for news

Today is the day that Evan is supposed to talk to his boss about his options, given that he definitely has Mono.

I appreciate your expressions of frustration for him. It is true. He worked hard to put this trip together and he is doing better than I had expected. It would be sad if he had to cut his trip short.

He is planning on trying to talk his boss into letting him stay there, without pay, while he gets better. If anyone can pull that off, it would be Evan. He may not argue as well as he thinks he does, but he can be insistent. He has the gentle gorilla thing going for him. He doesn't threaten physical violence, but he does just stand there, towering over you, refusing to budge.

I checked out the web site for the company from which he bought his trip insurance. Even in the most basic plan, there is not a 10-day rider as Evan reported. Everything indicates that if he has to come home for a documented medical reason, they will cover the expenses.

From my perspective it all seems quite simple, tragic perhaps, but simple. He is seriously ill. It is not life-threatening, but it can be a long time before he will be able to do what they expect him to do at the house. He needs to rest. He has insurance that will cover the expenses of coming home.

So he should come home. He should come back and let me or his aunt or his grandmother take care of him.

But I am not in charge. I would like to be, but I am not.

Evan is going to have to find his own way through this. I know that he is quite capable of doing so. He can figure out what he needs to do and he can do it.

So I am waiting.

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