Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Responding to Fostermama

Fostermama says reports that my last post leaves her lost.

I suppose that it did seem to come out of the blue.

Yesterday I read through an entire blog, Writing My Wrongs, written by a woman who was coerced into "placing" her child up for adoption. It is powerful, heartbreaking and well worth reading.

Today I found another blog by another woman who also was coerced. This author takes a position that is completely anti-adoption. It was so difficult to read. Things were said about the system and the people in it... I wanted to deny what I read.

And then I read comments at another blog, one of my favorites, which could be taken as confirmation of what the anti-adoption blogger had said. Maybe on a different day that would not have bothered me so, but today, after reading the other blog, it was overwhelming.

So many people so quick to condemn, unwilling to understand or forgive.

All people who have experienced great pain, and are speaking from that place. So certain that they can cast judgment on someone they do not know.

I still feel like curling up into a fetal position and crying. Perhaps I will.


  1. I don't even know what I am. I know I am not the evil adopter/child stealer, nor am I the sainted child saver. Technically I am a mom who adopted a wonderful child from a foreign country. To me I am just a mom who loves my child more than words can say. He's happy. I'm happy. What do people want us to be?

  2. I know. I've read them all too. So hard. Our brains want black and white, sometimes our hearts, but there are many shades of grey.

  3. OK. I stareted to leave a comment which turned into a post so I deleted it. I will post on this later today.

    I do think these blogs should be required reading for anyone pursuing private adoption... I don't think mosdt people realize the level of corruption present in the system.

  4. “There is no truth. There is only perception.” -Gustave Flaubert

    I'm gonna have to post about this.


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