Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Turning down one respite and accepting another

I spoke with the social worker yesterday about Miss E. She asked if I could take her for respite for a weekend, but the weekend in question in one in which I will be gone one night and she would have to stay with Hubby and Evan and Brian. We actually considered whether we should see if everyone was comfortable with that. The I realized that even if other people were, Hubby would not be.

Miss E has accused every single person she has lived with in the past five years of some form of child abuse. I think she believes what she says. The problem of course is that what she understands as abusive is just normal behavior.

She volunteers stories. The current FM treats her like she is stupid (the FM told her TWICE that she had a phone message). The last FM doesn't care about anyone (She won't get her lazy a$$ out of bed to take her to her 7:00am class so the agency has to pay me to do it). Mandy was emotionally abusive (she tells everyone that she loves them).

I feel for this deeply wounded child. If that came off as sarcastic given the previous paragraph, please know it is not. I really do sometimes want to cry in sympathy for her. She is so unlovable. She simply will not allow anyone to care about her. I have never really seen her happy. Today she was gleeful in telling me that something bad happened to someone else, but that is as close as it gets.

She is difficult to be around. She is a constant stream of negative energy.

That her current FM is asking for respite after just one month is telling. This is a woman who has been doing this for longer than I have. She has taken a lot of different girls. She is smart enough to take breaks, but I don't think she has ever been wore out after only one month.

I did tell the social worker that I would take her another weekend. I like her current FM and I actually have come to care deeply about Miss E.

I am doing another respite for Mandy this weekend. It will be a new girl. Mandy promises that she is giving me the easiest of the current crowd. She always does.

Next on Miss E: The respites keep coming

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  1. I think you're wise to wait until both of you are home. My daughter pulled a stunt like that once. I'll tell you about it sometime but not here.


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