Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So there!

Evan had a conversation last week with the director of the foster care agency for which I work. Most of what Evan reported was distressing to me, so much so that I forgot to tell you all about the other part.

Evan is very committed to the family remaining committed to GLBT kids. He has asked me confirm several times that we wouldn't take anyone else. I tell him that we are in fact committed to being available for gay kids, but that if there is no one needing us when he moves out we might consider taking a temporary kid who was not gay. A few months ago I think I told him that as Andrew really wanted for any future kids to be younger than he, we might broaden our restriction just a little. There might be kids who are not self-identified as gay but could still benefit be being in a gay-supportive home. That was not enough for Evan though.

Well, Thursday he reported that he got assurance from the director that we would never be given any non-gay kids. "He said he agreed that it would be a waste of a good resource and he said he could promise me, because he has to sign off on every placement."

Evan was very pleased with himself -- having successfully gone over my head and all.


  1. If that is true, how unprofessional of the director. Though you are a great resource. But still....

  2. I'm not upset about it. The director already knows that we have a commitment to gay kids, and I am quite certain that the director would never refuse to sign off on a placement that we and the social workers thought was good.

    I see it more as a silly conversation that Evan took a little too seriously.

  3. Evan seems to like holding the upper hand?

  4. You're a much more patient person then I am; if I had been in your situation I would have kicked Evan's booty from here to Timbuktoo. He is a very cheeky young lad, isn't he!

  5. Well, you can't say Evan doesn't have moxie.


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