Thursday, October 12, 2006

The dishes

So last night I told him that I would make a deal with him, if he cleans the kitchen in the afternoon I will continue to come home a little early as often as possible so that he doesn't have to walk or ride his bike to school. (It's less than 2 miles).

"Okay. You know I don't not do them to make you upset. I mean it is not like I think, I want to piss you off, so I'll just leave the kitchen like this."

"I know. But if you don't do the dishes, I won't give you a ride."

He made that breathy, irritated noise. "Okay...okay."

He doesn't know that I mean it.

So, how many people think he will clean the kitchen today?


  1. He'll have to test it at least once.

  2. I agree with granny. He'll test it at least once. And, perhaps, if it's not clean today, then tomorrow you won't come home early assuming he hasn't done it.

    Make him prove (for at least once day) that he's doing it so he can get a ride.

    (Either that, or install a webcam so you can check before you drive home, hee.)

  3. yeah he'll probably do it a few times then skip a day to test you.

    a webcam may show you more than you want to know!

  4. He will today at least.

  5. hee hee that's great. I love the bargaining stage.

  6. hope4future3:12 PM

    I vote no - I think he'll test the waters atleast once...and have a great excuse as to why you're being unreasonable. :-)


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