Monday, October 23, 2006

News: good and bad (update...more news)

The good news for the day:

Evan bought a plane ticket to Scotland and .... it is a round-trip ticket! WOO-HOO!

And he bought trip insurance that will send him home early if he get sick. WOO-HOO-HOO!

He leaves December 10 and is scheduled to return July 19.

The bad news:
My outgoing mail was stolen. Presumably the teenage girl Evan saw running around the corner after he heard the mailbox clunk was after the Netflix envelop. However she also ran away with 3 months of medical receipts on their way to the flex plan for reimbursement, my invoice for driving Miss E, the request for reimbursement for the car rental this weekend, and the paper work I finally made myself fill out for giving respite care for Jackie earlier this month. All of that is, of course, totally worthless to her but a major pain in the butt for me.

On the other hand I keep wondering what her face looked like when she got home and tore open the envelop to find that the wonderful movie she had scored was Black Adder IV, 1989. I wonder if she likes British comedy? It was my husband's disk, of course.

Somehow, imagining her reaction makes it almost worth having to re-create all that paperwork. Or maybe I am just in such a good mood over the round-trip ticket and trip insurance that nothing can bring me down.

More good news:
I got Thursday back! I was scheduled to do something that I really felt obligated to do but which I really did not want to do and someone who actually wants to do it volunteered. YIPEE.

And more bad news...although it might not be news.
A very nice police officer came by to take a report on my stolen mail. Evan was the witness and so described what he saw. "She was about Beth's height and about her weight too." The cop grinned and said, "And she had grey hair and was wearing a purple t-shirt?"

Excuse me? Grey hair? I am quite confident that I still have more light brown hairs than grey hairs. Not by much, but hair is greying, not grey.


  1. PHEW! That's great news!! I hope Scotland gives Evan everything he needs to help him face the world.

  2. Sorry about your mail being stolen. That seems to be a growing problem everywhere, and we now mail everything from the post office.

    As for our inbound mail, we have a post office box, and we try to have it all sent there. Sometimes, like with the foster agency, it's an exercise in futility, but we try anyway...

  3. Scotland? Cool! And a breathing space for you guys comes along with it. Parenting never stops, my mom tells me and I am 45! She says she is always going to be wiser than me, because she will always be older. I agree with her. Sorry about the stupid mail thing. What a hassle.

  4. The mail being stolen is really yucky but the worst thing is that poor police officer's terrible vision!
    He obviously needs glasses.


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