Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"I'm going to like you"

That's what I just said to the new social worker.

Evan's worker just showed up to take him to lunch and discuss his plans. She brought along the new hire. She is older than's Evan's worker, which is a relief. She is taking over most of the current worker's case load, but not Evan since he is nearly done anyway.

Evan's worker recently got married and we were talking about the last name problem. She's hyphenating. The new worker said that a couple she knew made up a name from each of their last names and that is what they and their kids have, "They're two moms, so there wasn't any obvious thing to do."

She snuggled our kitten and asked its name. Evan said that he did not like it when people give really strange names to animals. She said reported that she had had a cat named "Sushi". "But someone else named her. And she was eaten by a raccoon. Sushi became sushi."

Yep. I'm gonna like her.

I hope the next kid is hers.

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  1. she sounds like she would be a character.


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