Monday, October 16, 2006

Dishes, again

I wasn't feeling very well (nothing big) and came home early. Evan said he knew the kitchen wasn't clean but he would get it done before it was time to go.

After a while I took a nap and he woke me up and said, "Can we leave for school in about 15 minutes?"

"How's the kitchen?"

"Well, I fell asleep. Can I do it when I get home?"

"No. I can't cook if the kitchen's a mess." He walked off mumbling something.

I pulled myself out of sleep, slowly. Put on my shoes, combed my hair. He came back.

"I did the bottom rack."

"You need to do the top rack too."

"I'll be late for school."

Now I swear to God, I really was still in the fog of sleep and I looked at him trying to figure out why that was relevant and said, "I know."

He rolled his eyes and walked away.

I came into the kitchen more awake and said, "Since you're running late I will re-load for you."

"That's generous of you."

"I thought so."


  1. Of course he would have been more late if he had to walk. wouldn't he?

  2. For whatever comfort it may provide, you're not alone.


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