Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Which one are you dating now?

So...remember about the girl friends?

Since June there really have only been two girls that he has dated for any length of time. One is a girl who went from mother to foster care to father. She ... well she has stuff she has to work out, and she is not my responsibility, and I don't like it when she pulls Gary into the drama. Sitting with an anxious and depressed Gary explaining that a particular action, though stupid, would not induce an abortion and the girl was either mistaken about being pregnant or had a miscarriage is not my idea of a good time. All this while I am thinking, "She probably made the whole thing up to suck you back into her drama after you broke up with her. Remember when you said she wasn't good for you?" I would like to come up with a nice blog name for her. I shall call her "Trouble" as it is the nicest thing I can think of at the moment.

The other girl was the first girl's very best friend, so how about we just call her "Trouble's Friend"?

So I think the last time I told you about them he had broken up with Trouble's Friend because she and Trouble were fighting and drawing him into it. He thought he could be friends with both of them. Even though Trouble's Friend was angry at Trouble for speading unspeakable lies about Gary to everyone at their little school (the Charter school Gary had wanted to go to), lies which Trouble's Friend initially believed.

Shortly after I wrote that post, Gary was dating Trouble's Friend again. They were united against Trouble and her dramatic, manipulative, deceptive ways. Gary was often sympathetic with how hard it was for Trouble's Friend to go to the small charter school where everyone was hearing terrible lies about Gary and now her.

Last night Gary asked if Trouble could come over for a while today. I looked at him in disbelief. Did he say who I thought he said? "Yeah, we worked things out. I mean, we worked some things out and I just thought it would be good to spend some time with her." What would Trouble's Friend think, I wondered. "Oh she won't care."

So he is off to ride the bus to her house and ride back with her so that the she won't have to ride alone.

Just before he left he said, "Oh, I put my iP*d through the wash. It doesn't work. Good thing Trouble's Friend broke up with me! I get to keep the [refurbished] S*nsa I bought for her."

"Wait! You and Trouble's Friend broke up?"


"And now Trouble is coming over here for the day."


"Are you two dating again?"

"No. Well, not yet. I mean I don't know if we will again, but maybe. Don't look at me like that!"

And now he is off to catch the bus.

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  1. I'm really getting your preference for fostering gay young men now, if only because there are fewer pregnancy scares...


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