Friday, December 12, 2008


Disappointed with Roland. Tells me he is going to check the school homework cite regularly. Never does unless I remind him. Didn't remind him all week because he was so offended at the idea that it was necessary. He didn't check.

Brian missing a couple of assignments from last Friday when he had an appointment. Piles of math homework he insisted he turned in but agreed to redo. Very heated discussion about a set of assignments that he said he had, then couldn't produce, then admitted he didn't have. Sigh.

Gary doing poorly in two classes. Has another English paper past due. Claims he wrote it in the school computer lab and will print it out Monday. Roland and I seem to recall same thing said about previous paper. We agree, privately, that he is lying because he doesn't want a to spend another weekend writing a paper. Roland asked what I want to do. I shrug. I'm not the one who will have to go to summer school.

It is so much easier when you don't feel responsible for messing them up.

Andrew is coming home tonight. He will be here for three weeks.

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