Thursday, December 18, 2008

And now for a pet peeve

Today, December 18 2008 is 7 days before Christmas. It is NOT the 5th or any other day of Christmas.

Christmas is the first day of Christmas. That's right folks. The FIRST day.

Christmas does last for 12 days, as you know from the song. The twelfth day comes early in January. They used to celebrate it. There is even a play named after it... you may have heard of it:

Twelfth Night

Currently, we are in the liturgical season of Advent.

I have nothing against the pagan/secular Christmas. In fact I have been known to remind Christians that the secular world did not "take over" the religious holiday. They took it back. All this mid-winter stuff with trees and lights and revelery -- that was never Christian. Christians can do it too, but if it is "taking over" your religious celebration it is only because a bunch of Christians decided to try to take over another people's holiday. So deal with it.

It's just this "days of Christmas" thing bugs me.

Christmas day is the first day, got it? THE FIRST DAY.

Okay, I feel better now. Also the nice people working at the store who don't decide what sort of stuff to put on their advertisments are less likely to have to listen to that.



  1. ROFL! Glad you feel better now. I don't celebrate advent--being a UU pagan, but I do know what it is and when it is. You know what my pet holiday peeve is? Those idiotic statues and pictures of Santa kneeling in front of a manger! Come on, stop all ready!

  2. Thank you! Making Dec 25 the 12th day has always been a peeve of mine also! We celebrate Epiphany here as well (January 6.

  3. Huh...I handn't thought about it (not the pagan/christian thing...that I've thought a lot about) but I can see how it would be annoying. Now I get to walk around smugly correcting people in your name(kidding)...if I get a black eye I'll let you know!LOL

  4. You know, people celebrating the 12 days backwards annoys me too. You are not alone!

  5. LOL I love it. I was having a similar conversation with my mother tonight, about us seculars reclaiming our holiday.

  6. That is an awesome post!!!! I love it. We celebrate Epiphany too. So, yes when people get it wrong it is frustrating. And, personally I am fascinated with the way Christians took over the pagan symbols and made them their own. Oh well, I love Christmas! :)


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