Sunday, December 14, 2008

The boys are out (update)

Andrew took Brian and Gary out Christmas shopping some three hours ago.

The roads are icy, but I am pretending that that doesn't concern me at all.

I really do love that they are getting this sort of time together. Andrew and Gary have really not had much interaction. It isn't just that Andrew has been away at college. Even when he was home he has been in his own world most of the time.

Brian called a little while ago. "Um, Mom? Um...we are in The City and we were wondering... I mean... um ... we are probably going to be out for a while and um..."



"Your Dad and I were taking bets on what time you would call to ask if you could get dinner. Tell Andrew I will reimburse him, but nothing expensive!"


And so we are here, in the quiet house, and they are out there shopping, and driving home on icy roads.

Update: the boys got home safe and sound


  1. A few hours of sibling bonding time is certainly worth the money for dinner, in my book. Good for them, going out together to do their shopping! It's the little things like this that they will remember later. Just today my (26-year old) sister asked me why I didn't wait for her to come home to put up the manger (a 5-minute task, but still something we remember always doing together as kids). These are the things that make the holidays special! :)

  2. That's good that they're spending time together. (And that they got home safely.)

    A couple of my sisters stopped over today and they were commenting on how their college age kids are so wrapped in their own lives now. They're not exactly rude about it, but they spend most of their time away from home or doing their own thing. Point and case, my one nephew came home for the winter break last Wednesday and he's spent less than 12 hours home. He only stayed one night at home and has been with friends the rest of the time.

  3. How great for them. And you as their mom. I wish I had more kids. Glad they made it home safely.


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