Saturday, December 06, 2008

Conversations over paper writing

"Yondalla, so why didn't Christians have all the Greek philosophy stuff for a while?"

"Google 'death of Hypatia.'"

A few minutes pass...

"Wow! That's graphic."


"Yondalla, is it true that all our science and stuff is built on Aristotle?"

"Well, think of it like this. If you were on a treasure hunt and you got a clue, which led you to a clue, which lead you to another clue until finally you got to where you are and that place was not where the first clue led you, would that first clue be a foundation? Probably not, but if you didn't have it you might not have ended up where you are. Aristotle is like that first clue."

"Oh!" Holds head, "This is so confusing!"


"Yondalla, how do you spell 'Plato'?"

"P l a t o."

"He was like, important, right?"

"Yes. Like really, really important."


"Can you ever really be wrong in philosophy?"


"But how?"

"By being wrong."


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