Sunday, December 07, 2008

Suggested Reading

The Lie We Love, E. J. Graff. Foreign Policy

An article on international adoption.


  1. Interesting. I had suspected something like that would happen once money becomes a substantial part of the equation.

  2. Super interesting. I struggle with international adoption just because there are so many kids HERE that need homes. The thought of kids being forcefully taken from or families paid to give up kids overseas makes me ill.

  3. This makes me cry. My eldest son was adopted 22 yrs ago from India. I was told he was left on the steps of an orphanage in Calcutta and that nothing is known of his family of origin. Also I was told that due to lingering issues surrounding class that it was highly unlikely that he would be adopted by an Indian family but that an Indian family (residing in India) would have preference over me, even once we were matched. So I always knew that if a family walked through the doors and wanted him, that he would be theirs. I worry that his story wasn't as I was told. OTOH he is a high functioning autistic. Though that was not known at the time, had it been, he might well have been viewed as less adoptable? But maybe I am just trying to calm myself!

  4. Lee,

    Two things to consider. One is that 22 years ago was before there was a significant market in chidlren for adoption. That makes it more likely that he was an orphan first.

    Second, ... I guess I don't have a second. I know that this is going to be distressing for a lot of parents because it won't be possible to know for sure what their children's histories really were, nor is it clear what to do about it now. I don't suppose there is much to do now except love the kids and support them if they wish to investigate.


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