Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ettiquette Advice

Let's say your college-aged son is home for the holidays and has been spending every third night or so playing on-line games at one of his friends' houses. Though the young men could play in their separate bedrooms, it is apparently more fun to bring their laptops to one house and play together.

Having been to all the other houses you say that yes, they can come to yours.

When you get up on Christmas Eve and find your living room furniture completely covered by sleeping young men, at what time is it social acceptable to wake them up and kick them out?

Perhaps it would be best to wake them up with pancakes...


  1. Forget the advice..I'm coming to your house to spend the night. If there's an opportunity to wake up to pancakes I'm never leaving! ;-)

  2. We used to have the same thing with our son......we figured "at least they are staying out of trouble" and would usually not say anything until we wanted the couch they were on. Then we woke them up. If they wanted pancakes though, they were on their own. Of course we don't have that problem now as our son lives about 1500 miles away from us.

  3. I woke up Andrew who said the boys were not breakfast eaters. Roland got up and played a Monty Python Album pretty loud. That worked...they're gone now.

    I also suggested to Andrew that if he does this again he encourage everyone to crash in the rec room in the basement. I don't mind them being here, but I want my chair when I want it.

  4. Realm/Guild? And is he level 80 yet?


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