Monday, December 01, 2008

Welcome to the Recession

Gary spent the afternoon with his job services person applying for jobs. The Y has a hiring freeze until Spring and told them that they have had people with Master's Degrees applying for jobs. The grocery stores and fast food restaurants aren't even taking applications.


  1. Isn't it interesting how last week we weren't in a recession, but now we are and have been for a year?

    Perhaps we will come out of a depression before we even get into one.

  2. I wonder if Gary might have better luck trying a more entrepreneurial route. Perhaps he should think about starting his own business.

    That is, essentially, what FosterEema and I did at one point when we were unemployed. We weren't having much luck in finding jobs, so we simply created them.

  3. My nephews all experienced the same thing this summer. There are so many people that are underemployed now and they're holding the positions that college and high school kids usually hold.

  4. This is so hard. It is hard for anyone in the best of circumstances, but I think for our kids with their more traumatic life experiences it sometimes reinforces a "grasshopper attitude." (the one who played all day and didn't work.

  5. Thanks for your comment! Your wisdom is a big help. I'll definitely make up a list of questions and keep it by the phone at home and work. Any suggestions on questions to ask would be helpful. I found your post on adoption listing "codes" [ Translation of Photolistings] - it was hillarious. I compltely agree with you. A listing from a child I know said "a very special girl with unique interests" translation = schizophrenic, panic attacks, major phobias [like about leaving her room] and obsession with food. I couldn't believe she was listed for adoption, and neither could to VN RTC unit staff.

    I'm certainly going to be careful about taking a child in, I'm still worried about doing it all on my own and how it might affect my job and stress level in general. But I feel that God knows what I can and can't handle and if short term turns into long term, well, that's His will.


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