Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well, he's not stupid

What do you do if the dad is the nice/easy/persuadable one and you know you will get in trouble if you ask the mom and THEN ask the the dad? Simple: just ask dad first!


Sometimes though, Dad, knowing himself to be the whimpy one, will make you come have a discussion with Mom, and Mom will say, "I know you feel bad. I do believe you. It is just that you have missed three days of school, and you only have so many before you lose credit. I really think you are better off feeling bad at school than feeling bad at home."

And then, if you are Gary, you are likely to give that small smile that acknowledges that you are fairly caught and that you are not going to get away with playing video games all day because you, like everyone else in the family, seems to have a mild intestinal virus that just won't go away.


I'm crazy busy right now. Yesterday I was at work or work-related and required activities for 13 hours. Today could be a repeat unless I just skip one thing I am supposed to do. If I do skip, I will only work a 10 hour day. Tomorrow will also be a ten-hour day.

The thing is, these long work days are so full of meetings that I am falling behind on my class prep and grading, which means that I am going to have to come to my office and work hard this weekend to catch up on the work that I can do while I am at work this week because I have so much extra crap to do.

Follow that?

I'll be catching up on your blogs later.


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