Friday, September 26, 2008

Gary in trouble -- follow up

So I spoke with Roland on the phone and told him that I really thought the reprimand should come from him so that Gary would understand that he wasn't in trouble for defying me per se, but for the triangulation.

Roland is a gentle, quiet guy and can really have an impact when he tells a kid that they have let him down. I have more of a temper. I snap, growl, grumble, and get over it.

So Roland talked to him before I got home, which was fine with me. We agreed that seeing as this was the first time Gary had done anything that we knew he knew was wrong, that was all he needed. When I came home Gary presented himself to me, clearly waiting for me to put in my two cents. I didn't. I just asked him about his day, his meeting with the coach person, and thanked him for cleaning the kitchen.

I'm glad that I wasn't with Gary when I was feeling so pissy this morning. It would have escalated the situation and that isn't good.

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