Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Going there

I really want to us to focus on the myriad of ways that Sara Palin in unqualified without talking about the pregnancies, but it is tough. It makes my blood boil and I have wanted to try to stay calm. I am going to assume that Palin is telling us the truth. This means:

Rumors that Trig was not Sara Palin's son existed in Alaska, and she KNEW it. I don't know if the McCain camp knew, but she did. She had to know that they would get aired in the nataional media. HAD TO.

She also, one presumes, knew that her daughter was pregnant, at least she is leading us to believe that she did.

She was then asked to be vice president. She had choices.

1. She could have said no.

2. She could have said, "Great, but there are these ugly rumors about Trig, so let's be sure to include a bunch of photgraphs and maybe a heart-warming story from a nurse about my delivery on the web page so that my family doesn't have to go through that. Oh, and by the way, my daughter is pregnant and we want to keep that private as long as possible."

3. She could choose to let the rumor mill go nuts, deny them by shoving her 17-year-old daughter in the spot-light saying, "Trig must be mine! He's four months old and she's five months pregnant! Oh those nasty liberals who made me do this to my daughter!"

I'm so angry. How can they do that to a 17-year-old? How? It is not the fact that Bristol is pregnant that upsets me, it is that the pregnancy was revealed in order to protect her mother from an ugly rumor. That protection could have come in a variety of ways, and Palin chose to use her daughter as a shield.

And now I went there and I feel like throwing up.

... and I haven't even got to the part where she assures us that Bristol is making her choices freely when according to her philosophy Bristol shouldn't have the choice at all.

okay... I have to back off.


  1. Like you, I am heartsick and speechless at this fiasco.

  2. What fiasco? They are people and like the rest of us doing the best they can to deal with a less than ideal situation. We as humans have a tendancy to assume the worst of intentions in people...but they're just people. She's doing her best. I am neither speechless nor heartsick. This has nothing to do with her politics, her voting records or her ability as our VP.

  3. The crazy thing is, I still don't see any evidence showing that Trig *is* hers... where ARE the phototgraphs and the heart-warming stories etc? She has thrown her daughter under the bus to distract from that issue (saying Bristol is "about" 5 mos pregnant?.. things just don't add up with this woman's story, all the way around). I see the Republican Party and the Palin family saying how "proud" they are of her for doing the "right thing" and getting married and raising the baby.. what year is this, 1950? How much say did the 2 17-year olds have in this plan? And how soon will this be made into a Lifetime movie?


  4. I just keep thinking "a heartbeat away." That alone is enough to keep my mind off the entire pregnancy issue.

    The entire situation is absolutely abominable, particularly since it now appears it was all set up by the McCain campaign to garner the social conservative vote. Blech.

  5. She chose it. The 17 year old didn't. She is foolish to think that if you put yourself out there in the spotlight that you will not be questioned. She had choices. She could've said no or hit back head on like Yondalla said.

    I think we are kindred political spirits. LOL

  6. Oh and I forgot, a heartbeat away indeed! It makes me crazy to think she is so inexperienced.

    It reminds me of the new Battlestar Galactica LOL

  7. Sheri,

    Somewhere recently I saw a take on a McCain/Palin poster done with Tigh & Rosilin. I can't find it now though.

  8. Yeah- I know- anyway you look at it- we are screwed in this election. sigh

  9. I don't understand why you'd even want to be VP in the same year you've given birth to a baby with down syndrome and your 17 year old daughter got knocked up. Surely your time would be better spent taking care of your family right now instead of exposing them and putting them under more pressure. The whole situation seems crazy to me.

    But to be honest I know very little about this woman being in Australia and all.


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