Sunday, September 07, 2008

Can even apologize well

Gary wanted to iron his t-shirt this morning before going to his girl friend's house. (I know, it didn't even look wrinkled to me.)

When he was done he asked how to turn off the iron and I said he could just unplug it. He said something else to me that I couldn't really hear because I was sewing the binding onto Andrew's quilt. I didn't ask him to repeat it because I had asked him to repeat more loudly the last three things he said and at some point you just can't ask anymore, you know? I smiled and nodded and he left.

I waited a minute and then walked to the stairs. I could hear the shower. So I went back and unplugged the iron.

When he came up half an hour later I said, "When you are suppposed to unplug the iron, you really need to remember to unplug the iron."

He said, "Oh, right. I forgot. My bad."

"It's okay."

I started to pour the water for my tea. He was still standing there and after a pause he said, "It's just..."

I interrupted him. "Stop! Right now, we're cool. Don't make excuses."

"I hear ya."

And we were both grinning.

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  1. I am so jealous, I can only hope mine can learn to do that.


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