Saturday, September 06, 2008

And now Andrew and Brian

The public bus is a great success. I am very pleased. The car pool family we did not really get along with is not using the bus. The other family is. There son and Brian have been friends since they were babies (meeting when Brian was 6 weeks old and the other boy was 10 months). Roland, as you may know, ran a day care for three years, and the other boy was a regular. After that we found the same home day care together.

Every time Brian has got into serious trouble, the other boy has been involved. I still think he is the kid most likely to experiment early with sex and alcohol, but he is beginning to calm down. In any case, he is riding the bus too. He and Brian have many of the same classes, including the same last class, so they leave school and walk the six blocks to the bus stop together. So far the bus has arrived about five minutes after they get there.

I am very pleased. Brian is very cool with the bus. I expect that in the winter we will do some picking up, and I hope that the other family will share that. I only want to go get them if there is heavy rain or icy sidewalks. We will see. In any case, it is looking good.

Andrew leaves for college in just a couple of weeks. He still has to get the quilt back from the quilter, although that will happen maybe today. Then I have to put the binding on. It would be nice to have it this weekend since I don't have grading to do.

It warmed my heart a few days ago when he came upstairs and said he had been doing computer searches for plane tickets for Thanksgiving and Christmas and wanted to know if we could buy his tickets. He had found good prices, so we did buy tickets for both holidays. He wanted to buy for Spring Break too, but the discount airline wasn't selling tickets that far out.

He didn't want to leave without having tickets in place for coming home. He is going to miss us too.

One of you bloggers mentioned etsy stores that sell cupcakes in jars. Whoever you are, thank you! I had been wondering for a while how I could send him a not-expensive birthday treat.

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  1. The other thing to check out for birthdays is see if the college has anything. Where I went parents could order a cake or ice cream cake and have it delivered to their kid. It was through our campus convenience store.


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