Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brian is like me too

I tend to think of Brian as being so very like his father. Perhaps mostly because they both walk around making noise just to make noise, quote the same lines from movies at the same time for reasons I do not understand, and tell the same idiotic jokes over and over.

I do love them, really.

Anyway, I just noticed that there is one way in which Brian is a lot like me. We have a harder time anticipating loss than we do dealing with it. That Andrew was going to leave was tearing him apart. That Andrew is gone seems (at the moment) to mean that he gets to move into his room.

For Gary, in case you are wondering, it means he can TAKE CONTROL of the rec room. Andrew will no longer be having groups of friends over, making messes. He spent hours yesterday cleaning and scubbing. He is very pleased.

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  1. They sound like normal siblings.


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