Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long Day

So I twittered my way through the day. It (the twittering) was sort of fun. I think I would love for Andrew to twitter. It is a fun way to keep in touch while traveling -- and does not require harassing FosterAbba. I know she doesn't mind, but still. I know some of you already twitter, those of you who don't, was the updating twitter widget interesting and/or helpful? Is it the sort of thing you would be interested in seeing me do when I travel? Twittering seems to be to be one part fun and one part idiocy.

Anyway, it was a long day. Fly to the Big City, rent the car, drive to university. Lordy, driving to the university.

Can anyone tell me why a man would hand you a map, ask you to navigate and then change lanes after you tell him not to, and THEN yell that your insisting that he not change lanes is making it impossible for him to drive so would you PLEASE shut up, and THEN ask you to work out a new route to the university as you sit in the middle of down town traffic?


So we finally got there. Andrew's room mate did not show while we were there. The rooms are long and thin. The desks are facing the window at the end. There is enough space between the desk and the end of the bed to get in and out of the desk chairs, and at the other end of the bed is a wardrom/dresser thing that is about 3 feet wide. The room is about 8 feet wide, which doesn't leave a lot of room between the two beds. Andrew is fortunate to have a double. There are rooms with triples and fourples just down the hall -- and those rooms aren't bigger. They just have bunk beds.

Anyway, after unpacking and putting away, which we did very quickly, we went shopping for all the things we didn't pack -- mostly on purpose. We got detergent, a power strip, and ethernet cable, more hangers, and a desk lamp. The desk lamp was the last one in the store. I bought the one on display and they gave me a discount on it. Everyone was sold out.

The Targ*t is two stories, and there is an escalator for carts! It is between the escalators for people. You shove your cart through the gate and this track thing grabs it and pulls it up or down. Pretty nifty. Of course it would have been niftier if they had desk lamps.

It was difficult leaving him. I don't think it will be so difficult living without him, since he was spending so much time off on his own anyway. Or maybe it will be awful. I don't know. I do know that it was good that I left first. Leaving him with his dad was easier. Of course it would have been nice to have his dad with me when I was falling apart in the airport.

Roland did get to meet the roommate. Says he is nice enough, probably someone Andrew can get along with, but probably not someone he would normally hang out with. (Translation: he looks like a jock. A nice jock, of course. Andrew is a D&D & Band Geek.)

Oh, his dorm was built prior to wifi and cell phones. The walls are impervious, no signal can get in or out. That is bad.

The quilt though looks wonderful on his bed.

(In case you were wondering, I scheduled the post about Gary and his dad to publish while I was gone.)


  1. Twitter? No idea what you are talking about. Navigating? I didn't realize my husband was on that trip with you! I wondered where he'd been all weekend. Leaving them at college? It's awful. Every time. After a while I adjust to not knowing what they are doing all the time. Julia called me twice a day the first week and I've only heard from her twice since then. And she's not answering her cell! It is too quiet here in one way, but I am getting used to it. Again. It's the same every time one of the kids leaves

  2. I really enjoy reading twitters, so keep doing it. And so weird, leaving a child behind.


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