Saturday, September 06, 2008

Get Ready....

for blogging for community organizing ...

"I support the Day of Blogging for Community Organizing Justice: "I Am a Community Organizer". I propose that we all blog together on the topic on Monday, September 8, 2008."

"I am a community organizer" The Francis L. Holland Blog (via Third Mom)


  1. Thanks for addressing this. If you get the new Action Alert Widget, then every group consensus action alert will automatically appear at your blog so that you and your readers can participate, even if they are not blogging members of the AfroSpear.

  2. Very cool... thanks for the heads up. Didn't even know this was coming, but just blogged about this song of hope... that really is in praise of community organizers... and I guess today's the day.

    feel free to share..

    A message of hope for the week...
    Daughtry's message: What about now


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