Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not a political post! [updated]

And not a foster care one either...still I had to share.

You know I have been pushing Roland to go to HR and get a model of what his pay stub will be. He went in and they went over his creds and realized he has a master's degree. It's in French literature, but he has one. His last job said it didn't matter cause it had nothing to do with education. The current district said, "The guidelines say 'master's degree.'"

Woo Hoo!!!

He is going to make more than I do, not a lot more, but officially more, and significantly more than he would have made if he had stayed.

I'm so pleased.

Update: I thought I had posted about it last spring. I don't have the time to look now. He is a special education teacher. For years he has been in the local district. He does "extended resource" which means more assistance than kids who need help with a learning disability, but not "severe and profound" either. He has had kids with autism and Down's along with kids with kids who are legally blind or have CP. Inother words, just about everything except hearing impairments. (All the kids who have hearing impairments go to one school. At that school they teach some sign language to all the kids.) He has had too many kids and not enough aids. He finally applied for another job in the neighboring district. He was planning on using it for leverage. They day they offered it to him they told him that he was getting more kids and they probably were going to have to cut an aid.

So he took the new job. It is a little bit further away. He has eleven boys with autism and three or four aids. Some of the older kids spend a significant amount of time with their classes. Some just go to "specials," things like PE and music. Some are kindergarteners and only there half days, so he never has all eleven at once. He also doesn't always have all the aids, since they usually go with the kids when they go to "specials."

He really likes the school a lot better. There is more of a team approach. He has better and more resources. Life is good.


  1. "Stayed"? Do you mean he's at a new school this year? Did I miss something?

  2. Oh, and, of course, congratulations on the raise! I hope this helps with the debt reduction! I suggest a very small increase in personal spending money (like $5 sort of small) and the rest after taxes going straight to debt. Using raises for debt is a great way to get it reduced since you were already planning on living on the original mount, it's just like found money!

  3. That is really great. Education should be rewarded...especially in education!

  4. Congratulations! I hope that the raise will help out with your debt reduction plan.

  5. Congratulation to Roland! Awesome news, especially with the debt stress you folks have these days.

  6. More money is awesome! Yay Roland! Hopefully he enjoys his work enviroment more too. Can I send Little Man to come live with you? Sounds like you have things all set up for him anyway????

  7. That's so awesome! It sounds like the new place is much nicer!


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