Sunday, September 21, 2008

Someone else didn't know what Twitter is!

Susan left a comment saying she didn't know what Twitter was. I'm so relieved. I thought I was the only one out of the loop.

Okay...there's this site called Twitter dot com. You sign up with a user name, an email and a cell phone number. You don't have to have a cell phone, but really that's really the point. You get a twitter page, which is sort of like a blog, except it is pretty minimal. You can send in little posts either by typing into the dialogue box or by text-messaging Twitter. The posts you send in are called "tweets" and technically they are all in response to the question "what are you doing?"

Okay, so you set up your page, and start twittering. All those posts show up on your twitter-page. The next thing you need are some followers. Seriously. "Followers" are people who are following your tweets, which means that your tweets also show up on THEIR twitter page. They can, if they so choose, also check a little box that says they are SO interested in every single little thing you have to say that they want all those tweets sent to them as text messages. You of course may decide to follow them, or others.

So yesterday I sent about 12 tweets to a sidebar on the blog. They were very exciting and if you missed them, you're life will never be the same. Well, except of course for the fact that all the real information was contained in the post I wrote this morning. It had a different feel to it though. Instead of one long, sort of composed, post there were, well, a dozen little things. Exciting ones too! Like, "A woman with a purse gets through security more quickly than a teenager with stuffed pockets."

I thought I might keep the twitter connected to the blog, but Andrew agreed to Twitter after I begged. (Actually, I just had to ask him two or three times, but he knows I wouldn't stop). Brian is also signed up and now the three of us form a little twittering circle.

Sometime early this morning Andrew learned that yesterday's sitter shut the dog door, but didn't tell me, so this morning there was dog poop in the kitchen.

How much less would his day have been without that information!

And Brian and I just got a text messages via Twitter that said, [Quote deleted.]

See? Vital information for enquiring minds!

Anyway, I do hope that Andrew keeps it up. Getting little messages from someone, however amazing or inane they may be does make you feel more connected.

I just hope that I have things more interesting than dog poop to twitter about.

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  1. I don't know about you, but the small, inane things are the bits of information that make me feel like I am really connected to them. I mean, I am going to hear about the big stuff, I know that, but knowing they just bumped their elbow really hard and now they feel dizzy makes me know I am really, really in their lives.


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