Friday, January 02, 2009

not dating Trouble

Okay, everyone remember the basic history here? First he was dating Trouble. Then he and Trouble broke up and he started dating Trouble's Friend. Then he said that he wasn't going to date either one of them, and because he wasn't dating either one he could be friends with both. Then he started dating Trouble again.

Tonight he said, "Trouble broke up with me. So you can be happy. Are you happy?"

"Of course not, well, a little bit. What happenned?"

"She said I was creating drama! ME! I don't create drama. She said her dad is making her break up with me. Like she ever did anything her dad tells her! Right!"

"Did she say how you supposedly create drama?"

"Oh, it has to do with Trouble's Friend. Like tonight. I went to a movie with her [the friend]. I don't know why Trouble got all upset. I texted her and told her. It's not like I did it behind her back. I sent her a text message every time I did something with Trouble's Friend."

Right. No drama creation there. None. Nada.

"So are you going to consider actually being single for a while, or are you going to start scanning for the next girlfriend?"

"Oh, I don't need to scan. I already know who I would ask out. She would say yes, too. But I am thinking about maybe not dating anyone for a little bit."


  1. For some reason it cracks me up that you commit to your first straight kid and not only is he straight, he's STRAIGHT.

  2. Have him define "little bit" - probably a week right?LOL

  3. Eos,
    Well the girl he has his eye on is at school. So he might take the weekend off.

    Yep. It strikes me too. Really straight. Sigh.


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