Friday, January 30, 2009

Riding in Cars with Girl

So I had a chance to talk about the driving rule. It wasn't terribly satisfactory, although we all understand each other. It is the state rule. No one can say that we are not going to follow it. She doesn't seem to be particularly interested in my reporting violations to her, but also agrees that I don't have to put excessive effort into monitoring him.

So I told him that it was very important for me to know where he was and who he was with. I did not want him to lie to me about that. He said, "So if I call and say that Girlfriend and I are at the mall....?"

"I will assume you know that you are supposed to ride the bus and don't need to be reminded."

He nodded.

Then I said, "I can't make the rules be something other than what they are. If I see you in the car with Girlfriend...."

"You'll ground me."


"Got it."

No one likes this situation.

I could tell the social worker was tired when she called. She had emailed me before apologizing for not getting back earlier and said there had been some "blow outs." That could mean a couple of different things, but it certainly means that at least one of her kids is in crisis mode. My little problem just wasn't in the same league.

On the other hand, Girlfriend is a teenage girl in love. Being separated from her Romeo for two days was almost more than she could endure. She is going to be highly motivated to ... prevent him from getting caught.



  1. Man I am not looking forward to having teenagers. however, if these types of issues are the worst I deal with I will consider myself lucky. :)

  2. I am constantly amazed how well you handle these situations!

  3. SO my son will be 13 in 3 weeks, so I guess I come to you with all my teenager questions....or I could just send him to you...LOL

  4. When we had three teenagers at home we weren't nearly as good about handling things. I hope if we ever do that again (although god only knows why we would)we do as good a job.

  5. Thank you all. You are very kind.

    and I like it!

  6. Being sneaky has its upside.


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