Saturday, January 24, 2009

MMA at the Y

Gary has enjoyed the MMA classes during the week. He is being allowed to take a class with the adults and is learning technique. It is good because his actual training has been very hit-and-miss. There is a class that is mostly adults, although he is not the only minor. Because it is at the Y, the are some pretty strict rules about what level of fighting there can be between adults and minors. Basically, there isn't any fighting at all. He does get to spar with the other minors, and is once again in the position of being far better than the people he is up against. This morning he is going to another class that he was warned was "hard core." I'm not sure exactly what that mean, and neither is he. I guess we will find out when he comes home.

Roland and I are trying to convince Brian to switch to the Y also. The class there is SO much less expensive than the other. Brian really likes it out there though. Gary had been paying for his classes by cleaning to gym. So to make it fair, we gave Brian the job of deep cleaning the bathroom every week. I think I will start making sure he is doing a really good job.

I tend to lean heavily on letting kids make their own decisions, but I am not above applying a little pressure.

And we might get to the point where paying for and driving to this class is just too much for us, but for now it is okay.


  1. Technique is good! Weird that he wasn't getting that at the other place where they have a big competition focus. But I'm glad he likes the new class.

  2. Well, I don't totally trust his descriptions. Not that he would LIE but it would be normal for teenagers to exagerate certain details to get what they want, even when no exageration is necessary.

    Now we are working on Brian to switch. I want him to choose to do so that we preserve the internal motivation. You know as soon as we MAKE him switch he will be resentful.

    But there will be pressure. If nothing else, we will ask him to help pay for it. $15 v. $85 every month is a big difference.


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