Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I thought there was a recession

Isn't there? Doesn't that mean that people are supposed to need work? And areas like construction have particularly been hurt, right?

So how come we can't get an electrician sufficiently interested to come to our house and give us an estimate on the re-wiring we need to do in our house? I mean, we really need to do it. There are four ceiling lights that blow out bulbs as soon as they are inserted, and a couple of plugs that tend to spark frighteningly. This is not good.

Well, we did have one guy who worked this other guy tell us that he could come and do the work and then bill us afterwards for time and materials, but he couldn't give us an estimate first. The boss would have to come back from vacation and do that. The boss though is apparently busy with other things.

And the independent guy who does good work but whom we were told does not work as promptly (but at this point, slow work is better than no work, right?) was supposed to come out tomorrow to look at the place. He forgot. Unless of course he was telling the truth when he told Hubby yesterday that he was on his way to fix an emergency situation somewhere else. The veracity of that claim is suspect since Roland is pretty sure he heard the electrician say "two beers!" just before saying, "hello."

Golly gee willikers. I'm getting frustrated.


  1. I understand...we had a similar experience w/ some minor landscaping issues (for a rental house). Out of all the people I called only three showed up and one of the three acted so darn put-upon (like he was doing me a favor by taking my call) I was very annoyed.

  2. I manage my husband's heating company and we get 99% of our business from word of mouth. The majority of people have stories of contractors that never returned their calls, or showed up and gave an estimate and disappeared, or showed up and did some work, billed them and never finished. Many, many, many contractors do this. We get TONS of business by simply always showing up :) Plus JB is nice and does great work.


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