Thursday, January 08, 2009

Totally off topic

I lose my keys. A lot.

Like today I had to ask one of my colleagues for his master key (thank goodness a bunch of us on this floor have non-authorized master keys) in order to get into my office. My keys were on my desk.

Anyway, Roland gave me a key finder for Christmas. It makes this loud beeping noise in response to a whistle. I however cannot whistle. Also it seems to go off in response to lots of things. Stuff like the dog barking or my cell phone going off. Having it in my purse with my cell phone seemed like a bad idea.

But yesterday I couldn't find my car keys. Roland found them in the pocket of a coat I wore a few days ago and attached the key finder to them. So today I had them on my keys as I drove to work.

Apparently my brakes have an almost inaudible squeal, or maybe the steering wheel squeaks.

Something though makes a high pitched noise. I know because my key find started beeping loudly every few minutes. Particularly when I was braking and turning.

How long do you think I have to carry this thing around to show my appreication before I can get away with tossing it?


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    We totally want these, for my habitual key loss as well:


  2. ditto on frequent key loss. i think someone should invent a way to put a gps tracking device in your keys and then be able to locate them online or via your phone. alternatively, the ability to CALL your keys and have them ring could work as well.

  3. Have you thought about clipping your keys to your handbag when they aren't in use?

  4. The key finder sounds more annoying than helpful. I would wait until a week or two after Valentines and then toss it. Or re-gift it.

  5. Have him use it one day and he will tell you to toss it right away! :)

  6. Dudette - Carabiner Keychains are the only way to fly.

  7. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I too misplace my keys.

    I'm not as bad as I used to be though...had an ex-boss who would ask me daily (a few minutes before going home) "do you have your keys...look for them now!" because he often had to stay late helping me look for them.


    I once grabbed someone's keys (looked like mine)by mistake. Everyone was going nuts helping him look for the keys (he lived very far away). I even did an intercom announcement telling people to please check their purses, and pockets. Guy finally got a ride home and when I went to close down I realized I had his keys. Yeah...after that I've been better but it still happens every now and then.

  8. Would it be too dishonest to take the batteries out?

  9. I need a cell phone finder..(as well as a key finder) Having a hook by the door has helped alot for my keys, but I have lost my company issued Blackberry/cell phone ever since I was off at Christmas. I have been tearing my house and van apart with no luck...(oh and I took my Christmas gift from my hubby back-He got me a $40 book light that clips on your book for reading in bed. Well it doesnt even bother him that i read in bed...and I am usually asleep before he joins me anyway. I can't stand to keep something I know I won't use.)


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